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Diary of a Wimpy Kid Wiki:Policies and guidelines

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Information blue.png This page presents information pertaining to Diary of a Wimpy Kid Wiki's policies and guidelines.

As most wikis do, Diary of a Wimpy Kid Wiki has set up several numbers of policies and guidelines that help organize the wiki, solve disputes, and maximize the wiki's quality. Policies are standards that should be followed to make sure the wiki does not go out of control. Guidelines are just hints on how to polish an article; they aren't mandatory, but following them makes the pages all cleaner and more organized.

Wikis are complicated, as all social projects are, so it's natural that their policies and guidelines won't always apply. Common sense and community consensuses can help determine exceptions.

The purpose of policies and guidelines is to explain what editors should do when met with ambiguous circumstances. Additionally, editors are assumed to be able to use common sense when contributing to the wiki, such as knowing that the mainspace pages have objective Diary of a Wimpy Kid content and that talk pages are the places to go to discuss topics personally.

To propose or discuss policies or guidelines, discuss it with one of our staff members.