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Who Is Jeff Kinney?
Who Is Jeff Kinney cover.jpg
Release date 2015
Author Patrick Kinney
Illustrator John Hinderliter

Who Is Jeff Kinney? is a book in the Who Was...? series. It was released in 2015 and published by {{wp|Grosset & Dunlap)), illustrated by John Hinderliter, and written by one of Jeff Kinney's brothers, Patrick. The book details Kinney's career in creating and writing the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.


The book contains six chapters and an introduction. The end of the book contains a timeline of Kinney's life and career, along with an important event that happened in the same year.

  1. Who Is Jeff Kinney: The introduction discusses Kinney's attempts at publishing his college comic strip, Igdoof, and his dreams of becoming a famous cartoonist.
  2. Chapter 1: Wimpy Moments: This chapter details Kinney's birth, childhood, and comic strips such as Calvin and Hobbes that inspired him.
  3. Chapter 2: A Tough Decision: Kinney's middle school, high school, and beginning of college are described, along with him developing skills as a computer programmer and cartoonist.
  4. Chapter 3: A Big Idea: Kinney writes Igdoof and gets a job at a company called UpToDate. He begins keeping a journal and is inspired to publish a children's book written in the same style.
  5. Chapter 4: Greg Heffley in the Big Apple: Hired at Pearson Education, Kinney begins publishing Diary of a Wimpy Kid on Funbrain. The book is published by Charles Kochman at Comic-Con.
  6. Chapter 5: Flying High: Kinney's career is successful, and he begins working on movies based on the films.
  7. Chapter 6: The Balancing Act: Kinney's free time and hobbies are described, along with his bookstore, An Unlikely Story.