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Heather Hills' Sweet Sixteen is an event that takes place only in Dog Days film.

An enraged Heather Hills at her Sweet 16 after Loded Diper's bad performance.

Heather Hills brings this up several times and often interrupts Holly Hills' time with Greg by using her to plan the party. She is very cold and bossy and demands this party to be perfect and memorable. After the party's DJ bails on her, she complains until Greg convinces her to let Löded Diper play live. She is disgusted by the band name but is coaxed into it as she will be the first person at her school to have a live band at their party. Rodrick gets Greg and Rowley are allowed to stay as roadies. She has her own ice sculpture and a chocolate fountain at the party. She is rude to people at her party; complaining at her parents' giving her a necklace owned by her grandmother because the gift is "used", and prohibiting Greg and Rowley to use the chocolate fountain because of their roadie status. Rodrick wants to impress Heather so he covers "Baby" by Justin Bieber, an artist Heather loves, despite the fact that Rodrick cannot sing and is supposed to be the drummer. Heather disapproves so Rodrick jams it up further by screaming it like a punk rock song. Enraged, Heather screams at him and attempts to whack him with a microphone stand, only to miss and hit the chocolate fountain, knocking it over and splashing Heather and Madison. Greg is embarrassed that Rodrick ruined Heather's party and feels bad for Holly, but Holly reassures him that the party definitely worked at being memorable.

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