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Diary of a Wimpy Kid (online)

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid Online is a the orignal version of Diary of a Wimpy Kid that is found on,it was published on 2004,the books are based on the online book and its also written by Jeff Kinney.

The first ever artwork of the online book was made in 1998 and by 2004 Jeff Kinney uploaded it,he had made many strips,but only few made the cut.


See Differences of the Internet book and Book Series



Greg tells how his diary is a journal and it was his mother's fault for buying it and how his elder brother Rodrick has to clean the toilet if Greg writes a bit in his Diary,Greg says how he isn't writing his feelings and is writing just because when he will become Rich and Famous he will hand it to the people who are asking him for his story about childhood.

Greg's first day of school was today and he sat between two kids he doesn't like,which are Chris Hosey and Lionel James,just then his teacher says that they're permanant seats and Greg freaks out and right then Otha Harris was late and was about to sit on the seat next to Greg's,just then Greg lied and told him that its occupied,Greg says how he once sat in between a bunch of girls,but it was not good for him as they won't let him copy of their work,which would a be a problem for Greg in Pre-Algebra.

Ann (Greg's mom) made Greg lend some of his money to Rodrick for his lunch,Greg didn't wanted to do any favour for Rodrick because,sometime in Summer Rodrick woke Greg up and changed his clock and covered his window and went to his room at around midnight and told Greg that he slept through the whole summer and that luckily he woke up at the first day of school,Greg thought it was real and quickly wore his clothes and went down and made a bowl of cheerios and started eating it,just then his dad found him and started yelling at him for eating Cheerios at 3:00 AM,Greg said it was Rodrick who did it.They went to Rodrick's room,but Rodrick was pretended he was sleeping and Frank thought he was sleeping for real and threw his hands up and Greg thinks Frank thinks he is a idiot and a liar.

In Social Studies,Greg got seated next to the smartest kid in the class,Alex Aruda,Alex always completes his work first and puts it down and reads a book,this is makes it easy for Greg to copy his work,Greg starts talking about the last-name rule and about a kid called Peter Uteger who used to be the smartest kid until fifth grade when people started making fun of his intitials and this made him not raise his hand anymore.

Greg talks about Manny and how he always destroy anything Greg has and his parents always take his side no matter what happens,one thing grateful that happened was that Rodrick started making Manny sell his fundraisers and people would buy from him and how Manny doesn't knows how to pronounce brother and calls Greg bubby.